Erik Radloff (often on drums, percussion):
Erik Radloff has been performing professionally since the age of 15 in a variety of bands, milieu of styles, and has toured the States and the world playing music. He studied orchestral percussion with internationally-acclaimed Pavel Burda, African drumming with members of Ko- Thi Dance Company, and drumset technique with the master of groove and swing, Harold Jones (Count Basie, Sarah Vaughn, Natalie Cole, etc.) as well as other professional musicians and instructors. While studying at UW-Milwaukee, Erik performed in various university groups including the Jazz, Wind, and Percussion ensembles as well as the Symphony Orchestra. The various bands and projects he has played with over the years include: The Stellanovas (caf jazz), The Tropics (dub reggae), Recycled Future (organ-based 60s funk jazz), Brazzaville (noir pop with a sprinkle of bossa), Rusty Ps (hip-hop), the Tea Trio (improv jazz & soul with a DJ) The Afro Drum Ensemble (10+ piece afro-jazz band), Salt Creek (new fangled bluegrass & Americana roots rock), Todd Richards (strange and wonderful pop rock), The Pacers (90s punk ska), and most recently touring with The Ultra Infidels (featuring Chris Dowd of Fishbone) and many more. Erik has appeared on over 40 recordings of various musical styles and has established himself as a multi-faceted musician able to authentically play in any style while contributing his own creative ideas. He grew up and currently lives in Milwaukee, WI and enjoys garden fresh tomatoes grown in season and reading without being interrupted.

The best part of playing with the Stellanovas is that I get to play with such attention to dynamics and mood, says Erik. Its basically brushes on the kit all night. Really groovy and tasty. Its such an honest pleasure to share the space and make the music each and every performance. Plus, his drumset is covered in bright orange and purple fuzzy faux fur. Thats right. Orange and purple fur. Clyde Stubblefield might be the Original Funky Drummer, but Im the Original Fuzzy Drummer!

Erik can be reached privately at: erikradloff@gmail.com

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